Arguments Against Fandoms

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Crazy, weird, obsessed - these are common words that the general public uses to describe fans. Many believe that fans, and their contributions to the culture of the fanbase, are over the top in their passion and that their involvement in their fandom is detrimental to their character. Some complaints used in this battle include the criticism of “social justice warrior” behavior, the thought that fans are disconnected with real life, and the belief that fandoms have nothing to give back to the individuals involved in it. However, fandoms are shown to provide support in the people 's lives who are involved with them. Disapproval for “social justice warrior” action is a common trait that people who are against fandoms share. A social justice warrior, or SJW, is best defined as a negative connotative term for someone who speaks out against problematic events or people and tries to inform others of these societal issues. Since fandoms are usually very inclusive, with many different genders, sexualities, races, and life situations, there is a fair amount of…show more content…
If one gives their time and love to fandoms, there is a copious amount of love being returned, along with rewarding connections between like-minded people. While they might often be interpreted as hysterical or dissociative with real life, fandoms are actually a diverse and welcoming group of people that accept others as friends and family and provide support where the people they know in real life can’t help. Although the full acceptance of fan culture into society is a big step and it seems that that goal is not reasonable to reach in the near future, if both ends of society can work towards it, both will reap the benefits of a more open and loving
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