The Controversy: The Role Of Federalism In The United States

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Over the last 250 years, America has had controversy over the word Federalism. It is used as a concept in the constitution but it is never mentioned. Federalism is basically the power that is separated from the States’ Government and the National Government. In my opinion I feel like we need more federalism, because I feel like it will control all of the factioning done by the government. I feel like the factioning is the government trying to take away our rights. And this right that I am talking about is The Second Amendment. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” –( I personally feel like the government…show more content…
To me that is too much to be asking for, then at most that they should be asking is conduct (as in behavior), eligibility (such as are you a felon), mentally capable of handling a firearm, and intentions of the firearm (as in hunting, concealed carry, etc.) “Double security is nothing more than the division of powers, the Legislature, Executive and Judicial Branches. The government is controlling itself while at the same time the states are controlling themselves” –( This definition basically means that the separation of powers they cannot take over one another. They equally have the same amount of power. As in the Judicial branch can govern applying laws that are set up by Congress while, the Executive branch is the president, Vice President, and The Cabinet whose duty is to provide protection against foreign and domestic terrorism in the 50 states. They also Primarily enforce the laws that Congress, but only if the Judicial branch finds those laws to be wrong or unconstitutional. The Legislative branch is basically the House of Representatives and the Senate, their job is to write laws and get the president to not veto their laws so that they can pass. When the President vetoes a law it means
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