Persuasive Essay On Flag Burning In The United States

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Flag Burning Imagine you're walking down the street and you see someone taking the one thing you have worked for and they were burning it right in front of you. Would you be angry? Soldiers, who protect us and risk their lives for ours, feel that way. The soldiers represent the flag and they fight to get it in the air, just to watch someone use their rights to freedom of speech and burn it. Flag burning should be illegal because adults make any changes because of the existing laws, children see the negativity of the act, and is disrespectful toward the soldiers who represent the flag. Children who may lack in educational levels, double in emotional levels. Helwig and Precipe wanted to see the response from children between the ages 5 -12 years old on flag burning. (Helwig C.C., & Prencipe A., 1999) Even children as young as 5 years old could show the respect for the American flag from which many have died for. Helwig and Prencipe stated this “Children were more likely than adults to state that they would be offended by the act and to see it as punishable.” This shows even children know this shouldn’t happen and it should be illegal. Furthermore, children doesn't really have a say in the law and wouldn’t…show more content…
The law states that is freedom of speech to burn our American Flag, but how is stomping and burning the symbol of this nation where our freedom of speech should be. Most do it out of anger toward our country, but why do they have to take such drastic measures to show their anger. Wattad stated” grant the flag special respect.” ( 1, 2008) It's not saying take away freedom of speech just grant something that represents what our soldiers are fighting for special respect. So if someone would burn the American flag than they would be punished not given a warning and let go. However, even though it might make a grown man cry to see this it doesn’t even come close to how a soldier who have fought for this symbol must
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