Arguments Against Food Stamps

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The United States Government Should Stop Giving Food Stamp to Families with Kids Food stamp law were passed by the president franklin Roosevelt’s in the depression era to support families with low resources. According to the article, “food stamps have contributed to an overly dependent underclass”, that about 41.8 million Americans are on food stamps, and 43 million will be soon getting food stamps every month. U.S have to kind of people, one who likes to work and spend the own money, the other one are Who likes to live by the government, who support them. The hard working is supporting the lazy people in America just because they have nobody help. The government should stop giving food stamp to single mother or father, who have kids. According …show more content…

The nation can have a better economic, they will have to buy their own food, and people will buy more stuff. The workers will have more money because they will not take away a lot of money like the take away of food stamps. Everyone working will be a better economic. According to the article food stamps have contributed to an overly dependent underclass, food stamps are feeding children abandoned by their own fathers, however many of those people are lying because they do have a husband to support them. Many women do not want to work because the government are making them lazy, and They are having kids because they want the government support them. Kids are growing and then they pregnant again, so every U.S worker have to support those children and mother. They do have everything some of them the government give them food stamp and also they pay the rent to them. Kids follow parents example, and many of them will like their parents, so this is like a chain that is not …show more content…

We have to help our elderly people. We have to take care of them because they already old and they don’t have the energy to work like young person. Elderly people in their past maybe that had been working a lot or not, but they do need a lot help. How many elderlies their families forget about them, and they put them in asylum. According to the article, why are encouraging struggling senior to enroll in SNAP, by Becky squires “67 percent of struggling older people age 60 and above, that is mean that millions of seniors are suffering from the debiliting effects of hunger and poor nutrition” how this is possible older people do not have the energy work, and younger people do have

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