Arguments Against Fracking

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Health Over Wealth In this world where most nations have some type of conflicting alliances, it is hard to find resources and obtain them relatively cheap. Most people do not concern themselves with specific issues if they do not directly impact their lives. As a result, a large portion of people do not understand fracking. Merriam-Webster defines fracking as “the injection of fluid into shale beds at high pressure in order to free up petroleum resources (such as oil or natural gas).” Fracking impacts our environment in several different ways: it creates man-induced disasters, it ruins water supplies, and it even causes serious health issues. Fracking harms our environment, yet people offer certain arguments for the continuation of fracking. The United…show more content…
To start, states must stop any current fracking. Without the halt of fracking, the negative effects will still be seen across the country. Underground aquifers can suffer, for example, “Florida 's underground is literally a sponge of limestone; very likely far too porous to risk fracking. … Water is more precious than gas. Water is more precious than oil. It’s that simple” (Wheeler). After the nation concludes fracking, America can perhaps continue researching possible ways to extract the oils. The process of fracking offers several benefits to our nation, but not at the expense of the environment and human lives. By researching ways to avoid the waste getting into aquifers or causing earthquakes the process can eventually reap the benefits. The small town of Windham proposed an ordinance which “requires DEEP to collect fracking waste product information, exempt certain research on small amounts of fracking waste from the moratorium and requires … a permit from DEEP” (Firestone). After a while of research, either a better alternative will arise or fracking will evolve to become less
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