Arguments Against Free Community College

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Although the argument against free community college is reasonable, opponents of this argument raise numerous positive points. The most obvious benefit of free college is that college attendance will increase. By increasing college attendance, America will become a much more developed and educated society. Everyone benefits when the population becomes more knowledgeable. Additionally, another critical benefit in favor of free community college is the fact that people will graduate with little to no debt. Graduating without debt will allow people to be more financially free. Graduating without debt will encourage people to spend their money elsewhere, possibly to buy a house or a new car. This increased spending will help all areas of the economy. In addition, higher skilled people will enter the work force which will give them more opportunities. The benefits of attending a free community college would greatly outweigh the small amount of time it takes to get a degree from a community college.…show more content…
Although community college is generally seen as affordable in contrast to a private university, lifting this financial burden would encourage countless people to pursue a higher education. There is also, however, a further point to be considered. People stuck in the lower class can receive a superior free education which allows him or her to get a better job. This will significantly help them progress in life and reduce the need for government aid. Over time, it is possible that the financial burden of government aid programs will be reduced because of free community college. Likewise, the unemployment rate would slowly drop causing the need for government help to decrease. Undoubtedly, there are countless benefits surrounding the idea of free community
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