Arguments Against Freedom Of Speech

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Freedom of speech is the right to express or communicate an individual’s ideas, views and opinions without any obstructions or fear of punishment. It is not limited to speech alone, and includes written and other forms of communication such as freedom of press which gives one the right to question, criticize and voice their opinions. Freedom of speech (or expression) is a fundamental human right which is also recognized by the constitution of India.
The constitution of India guarantees individual rights which are stated in articles 19, 20, 21 and 22. Article 19 being the most important, makes the freedom of speech and expression, a fundamental right. The United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1948, provides, in
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Based on the arguments and counter arguments about the impact of censorship on freedom of speech, I personally feel that it has a more of an adverse effect. Censorship is nothing but curbing the right to freedom of speech, though there are arguments for that too. Banning and censorship only makes people more curious about the matter and in turn make it popular, which is the opposite of its intention. But denying individuals of information and platform to discuss the censored matter, will not prevent tensions in society, rather it has the reverse effect. It is true that young minds are very impressionable, but also a faulty statement in saying one could control the perception of a child 's mind by mere removal or prevention of information. Truth will always remain the same, and if the governing bodies or authorities feel that hiding it would help the society in general, then they are downright wrong. But in saying that there should be complete elimination of censorship, is also a flawed idea, because even though it is a powerful tool, it can also be misused. Freedom of speech should not be mistaken with freedom to hurt or insult, the factor of respect for other people is very crucial in the case, but in saying so, it doesn’t mean there should be restriction on the voices of people, because, the topic is all about one’s perspective and it is very
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