Arguments Against Gay Adoption

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Adoption is a good thing that many people takes advantage of. People who can’t have children by themself because of their sexuality or problems on other parts. Adoptions comes as a good solution for them. It’s a lot of positivity around it because you can get your own family although it’s not from your own genes. This is an huge positive solution for many people who think they are sentenced to never get a child by them self. People get excited and most often cannot wait to the opportunity to hold their child which then become their own. The claims sbout adoption are stickt and can be a problem for someone. Not every country want to adopt children to LGBT people, but why want they? In America, you need to file an application with United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. The things who have to be on the application is home study, application fee and other kinds of supporting documents. The application have to follow the claims for the country otherwise the child want be adopted. The rules about legally adoption are strict and not all of those who want to adopt can do it, because of the claims. You need to have a job, a home and be properly. These…show more content…
Some of the countries who have legalized adoption for LGBT couples means that children should have the opportunity to be raised by heterosexual parents. They mean that is the correct way to raise, but how can they say that heterosexual parents is the “correct answer” to raise a child? Couples who have a LGBT sexuality are also humans it is nothing different about their personality. Their human right should be the same as heterosexual on this stage as on much else. A man and a woman to rais a child is the most common way, but it does not always mean that common is correct. Some of the children who get adopted maybe LGBT like the parents and it can be easier for them to talk to their parents about

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