Arguments Against Gay Rights

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During the 1960s, there has been dramatic arguments about whether two of the same genders should be able to marry each other. Is this true, apparently because they made it legal for them to. The gay rights and civil rights are very opposite from each other; they need to be recognized that its nothing to play with or reconcile the problem. Also, that this a problem and they need a solution or our country is going to run even more down hill. The authorities of our country needs to come to their right senses and put these rights straight into the ground. They think this is pleasing every body, and hate to tell them its truly not. It is not even pleasing the gays because they just want more until there overruling. First, gay rights have made a lot of people unstable. It has kids choosing sides just because they advertise to show them how much “fun” it is to be gay. Society is making it seem like was not a problem; this is so great. Well, of course not this is like Hitler brain washing a million Jews to follow him just because what he believes in. Also, they have even made clubs for social activities about supporting the gays; would you put your kids in a class like that. Everyone knows that they have their own opinion, but what to do when a kid asks their parent it is okay to be gay. What…show more content…
Can people even answer this or will they just push it over their shoulder? This is relevant because gay rights are not civil rights in any form of fashion; the government just gave in because they did not want riots, even though they happened as any way. Its making our human race think these kind of rights are acceptable, but yet make us think that what I believe is wrong. Its idiotic and vulgar to think that two of the same sex should be able to share a bed, bathroom, kids, a life together, and be able to exchange vows in a wedding. Its just not right to say that, but what does anyone
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