Arguments Against Government Monitoring

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Government Monitoring The government shouldn’t have the right to monitor our phone calls and our emails. It will make us the citizens not trust the government because we don’t know his reason why he has to monitor us. We the people respect each other’s privacy because it’s none of our business to interfere in others problems, or some people just don’t want others to know about their daily lives they rather keep to themselves. As society we the people wouldn’t want to be monitored by the government, because we wouldn’t want personal information stolen. As a citizen I wouldn’t want my text messages to be monitored, or when I leave the country for vacation, I wouldn’t want to know the government is monitoring my family time. “In their messages,…show more content…
How do we know we can trust the employees that who work there? How can we tell before purchasing any type of electronic its hacked with a bug that steals our email accounts for work, school, bills, or online shopping. It’s that easy for someone to get personal information stolen. “Government was ordered to pay three thousand dollars in damage and six thousand in legal funding after a welsh college employee had unlawfully monitored the internet and email use of another employee. “Verizon in a rising level of cyber-attacks through cell phone, and internet usage. Employees hacking other employees big companies getting hacked. How on earth can we trust employees and workers if bad things are going on with them and the company. If they want to know what we are doing they should just ask us the next time we pay or buy anything instead of hacking us. Its more money out of our own pockets having to pay for the damages. This is why most people switch to other phone companies. The government shouldn’t be allowed to monitor our phone calls and emails, because it will cause problems with the citizens, because of the lack of privacy that’s given to us. As citizens we aren’t animals that need to be monitored by the government. I don’t want my personal information to be tracked, stolen, or even my text messages to go through some type of monitoring for suspicious activity. Privacy isn’t given to us we have it, and the government can’t invade into our privacy. We are allowed to do whatever we want but certain things aren’t allowed, that’s why there are laws enforced to everyone, if we break them we pay the price, and the government should face the price for monitoring our calls and emails, or who knows he’s probably monitoring everything that we do and we just don’t know it
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