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Laws on Graffiti should be stricter to stop vandalism in the city and opening up other crimes such as burglary and assault (Graffiti Hurts Website). Graffiti can open crimes for younger teens. Which, is looked down on by certain young individuals. Graffiti is hard to clean once it is on a surface of some kind. For example, Los Angeles had spent 28 million dollars on removing the graffiti from off the walls. Graffiti is vandalism which leads to destruction of an owners home or public building. Things like smashing mailboxes, trashing property that isn 't yours, or breaking windows. Which, costs school, business owners, and more $15 billion ahead from damages of property.

Graffiti vandalizes public property and also destroyed it. That is why it 's called vandalism. Graffiti is the most popular thing around the world today. It is simple words, that can be offensive to some people, and that is plastered on the walls around us that don 't belong there. Graffiti isn 't the most prettiest thing especially, if you can read it or understands what it means, what 's the point? It makes lots of places unattractive and not very well presentable to the town or city. Most of the graffiti is anti-racial, vulgar and much more. Another
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Graffiti is a very dangerous thing to do if you think about it. Graffiti appears all over the world on bridges, billboards, and lots more. One may consider it a work of art but this form of art is dangerous. Graffiti is very dangerous on specific causes you could be putting your life at risk like hanging from high places to spray graffiti on the wall. This act is very unnecessary and taking a very high risk. One artist may think that they are not in danger from doing so. The artist could make one wrong move and their life is over. The artist may put graffiti on others fence or house not caring about their property. Which, causes concern of the owners that they might not want to live there for all the graffiti but down without any permission.

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