Arguments Against Gun Control

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Gun Control is an urgent and paramount intricacy in our country today. It not only concerns our individual rights and where people stand on personal freedom versus the need for social order and concern for public safety, but it also has an integral effect on the criminal justice system. Gun control influences the approach of policy-makers regarding crime and is a hot-button issue among Law Enforcement. Most everyone has passionate opinions about gun control-whether we currently have too much of it or not enough-as well as how to fix the conglomeration of issues about the ownership of guns and what we do with them. The main concerns surrounding gun control involve the sociological, ethical, and legal concepts it is necessary to resolve in order to functionally maintain gun regulations. There must be a balance between liberty and inhibition in order to achieve the most good for the greatest number of people …show more content…

This can encompass background checks, waiting periods, safety courses, limits on how many or what type of gun may be purchased at one time, bans on assault rifles, dealer licensing requirements, and law enforcement’s discretion to refuse sale to anyone. California is leading the country in gun control, while, Louisiana has the weakest gun laws and is second in gun deaths. For the state of Tennessee, gun control is not very strict. They are among some of the most lax in the country, and fall inline with many of the other more conservative southern states. Similarly, this author’s home state of South Carolina is one of the state's leading in export of guns used in crimes in other states. Neither of these states requires any kind of gun registration and the only permits required are to carry concealed weapons. Although, South Carolina is one of only six states to have outlawed ‘open

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