Arguments Against Gun Control Laws

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Kenji Morizono Professor Martin Argumentative Essay 11/15/15 Gun Laws: Should they be stricter? The world should not spend anymore time following the fallacy that many people have. where they, instead of providing deterrents for people who want to commit a crime with a firearm. They put restrictions, on citizens who want a gun and leave them vulnerable to criminals who can, and most likely will, procure firearms from other sources. Whether they do this because of the despair of losing a loved one in a shooting. To the simple fear that the existence of guns in a country will cause an outbreak of murders. They all follow the fallacy that stricter gun laws will prevent more homicides involving the use of firearms. When the statistics show that, …show more content…

One way we could do this would be providing deterrents. The reason why we have punishments in place for breaking the law is to provide a deterrent for those who would want to break the law. Like if there was no punishment for, for example, stealing. There would be a higher amount of people that steal because there is no deterrents, no punishment. We need to make sure that the cons outweigh the pros. If there are more pros than cons, it is likely that more people will commit crimes than if the cons outweigh the pros. But the thing is, is that how heavy the pros and cons are for people differ. Again, with this example I will use, stealing. Someone who is rich, and has all the money one could ever need would be less likely to steal, than someone who is starving, and fears the pain of starvation and death, more than the punishment of fines. Or jail time, where they will, at the very least, have a roof over their head and healthier food rather than no food at all. Which is why for capital offenses, we have capital punishment, i.e. death. Because most people who commit crimes believe that the pros outweigh the cons, i.e they have something to gain. But if the punishment is death, where they lose everything they try to gain in the end, most people would see this con as heavy and maybe even heavier than the world itself. Though some …show more content…

Because “When there is a will, there is a way” unless we make sure no one can make a gun again, and destroy all existing guns, we cannot prevent criminals from getting access to firearms. In the end, unless stricter gun laws can prevent criminals from getting guns 100% of the time, it will really be pointless in the long

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