Arguments Against Gun Rights

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Guns. Today this such a controversial topic in politics, mainly between the Republican and the Democrats. Guns have been part of American since its founding. Today, there is a lot more gun violence than there has been in our past, and this is causing big debate today. Guns are NOT the problem, People are the problem. Guns also save more lives than they take. Over our recent history, there have been heroes that have stopped mass shootings and other crimes from happening by stopping the situation using a firearm. There have been recent calls for more gun control and even the possibility of banning guns, these propositions have already been tried elsewhere and didn’t work. Finally, it would be totally unconstitutional for gun right to be taken away from the people. I am writing this paper to DEFEND Gun rights for Americans and why all the “gun control” propositions are ludicrous. Guns, being a part of our history for so many years have not always been such a problem. There are many adults today that would agree with that statement. Back when these adults were younger and in high school, there would be no problem with them having a gun in their car while they were at school. They would just have it in their car or on a gun rack and there were no problems. Today, it’s against the rules to speak your opinion sometimes. The entire argument against guns is gun kill people. This statement is entirely false. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. It’s not the gun that has
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