Arguments Against Hate Speech

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Reasons Why Hate Speech is an Issue Today
Having such a diverse country is not as easy as it seems considering hate speech takes a big role in our society. Hate speech is a form of speech that intentionally offends an individual or group in our society based on what they believe in such as race, religion or other traits in a negative way. Some people confuse hate speech with free speech believing it is a way to express themselves but others do not see it that way. In essays “On Racist Speech” by Charles R. Lawrence, “Protecting Freedom of Expression on the Campus” by Derek Bok and “The Trouble at Yale” by David Cole, they explain their different views whether hate speech should be allowed or banned on campus. Even though some people value hate speech, in my eyes it should be censored on campus because hate speech is insensitive, can cause riots, and does not encourage equality.
One of the reasons why hate speech should be censored is because racist comments are insensitive and a few people will take it more personal than others. When judgements are being made such as racist remarks to certain
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Especially with having such a diverse country, not everyone will see eye to eye. Some will have a different outlook on hate speech like whether or not it should be protected. Lawrence and Bok explain why hate speech is not speech which is why they are against having it on campus. Lawrence thinks racist speech is insensitive and can damage a person’s mentality by having fear and anxiety. Bok agrees hate speech is ignorant and improper but believes students should be educated. On the other hand, Cole thinks it is a powerful way for students to express themselves and state their opinions freely. Therefore, Cole values freedom of expression on
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