Arguments Against Homeless Veterans

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Our Warriors Today there is an outrage in our Veteran community of how terrible the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and their lack of caring and funding for our heroes. In this paper I will give facts on how terrible this problem really is, whether it is our homeless Veterans, Veterans who die waiting for help from the VA because they cannot afford other healthcare, or the horrid waiting times in order to get any help. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development there can be 39,371 veterans homeless on any given night. I ask myself why these men and women have given it all for their country and for us and now this is how we treat them? Well the opposing side would probably gone on the say it is their fault that they are homeless and it is their fault that they made the mistakes to be in that the position, this true, but where is the VA to help them, where is our government to help them? They are nowhere to be found and really the only way our homeless Veterans who sacrificed their lives for us get any help is from charities. There are also another 1.4 million veterans who are at risk of being homeless due to poverty or other reason, and well they barely get any help either. In 2014 in Phoenix at least 40 veterans died waiting for care at the VA. The report say that many of those men were put on secret waiting list made from the leaders in Washington, now why would we put our dying veterans on waiting list and then just wait for them to die and give them the health care that…show more content…
I also think it is the governments duty to give our men and women of our armed forces the care they deserve and that means healthcare, housing, and pay increases, to keep our veterans off the street and not

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