Arguments Against Identity Theory

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In this essay, I will argue that identity theory, which is the view that the mind is the brain based on a posteriori, is not true using the multiple reliability argument (77). A posteriori refers to the philosophical theory that truth is based on having an experience (85). In this paragraph I will argue against identity theory using multiple reliability. According to identity theory, each mental type must be identical to each brain type (77). For example, using a posteriori, the mental type pain is the physical brain type of the firing of c-fibers (86). However, sometimes a type of mental experience seems to occur without the expected brain type state occurring (87). Mental types are multiply realizable by physical types (87). There are times when the mental type pain is felt without the firing of the physical type c-fibers. For example, an octopus that has a very different type of neurological system than humans, most of their thinking seems to be done with neurons in their tentacles rather than their brains, and despite this difference, it is shows signs of experiencing the mental type pain (89). Since, octopuses seem to experience the mental type pain without the firing of the physical type c-fibers, it cannot be said that…show more content…
This is counter argument is weak because it denies science breakthroughs. Science could find another way that a type of physical state can cause a type of mental state. There could be another physical type that can cause the pain type of mental state. An octopus can still experience the pain type of mental state from another type of physical state (89). Physical pain can be caused by something other than the firing of c-fibers (87). Since the counter argument ignores scientific breakthroughs, as the mental type pain could be caused by something other than the physical brain type that fires c- then this counter argument is weak, as it fails to show that physical types are mental

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