Arguments Against Immigration Essay

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Immigration is a ubiquitous topic. People constantly debate over whether or not we should let immigrants come into our country and stay. I’ve seen stories about families forced apart and people being sent off to a place they know nothing about. People in the media can also influence people’s opinions on immigration, too. For example, if a famous person spreads their opinion about a topic it could influence their fans' opinions. As Christians, we know not to exclude people. Especially if it’s because of their race. We shouldn’t try to stay aloof from good people. People shouldn’t have to leave because of their race, religion, or because we think they could be dangerous.

Immigrants do more good than harm to the economy. Immigrants create more
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They say that immigrants take jobs they don’t deserve and there aren’t enough jobs for both them and us. Nativists say all immigrants just want to come here to either cause disaster or take all of our jobs. They argue that immigrants just bring crime rates up. This has been proven wrong multiple times, but people still say it. Although it’s a myth, people still say that immigrants don’t want to assimilate. They think that immigrants refuse to learn English and they don’t want to learn anything about the U.S. Many people say immigrants get our benefits. They don’t think immigrants should get our benefits because they don’t deserve them. One of the biggest reasons nativists’ don’t want immigrants here is that they’re afraid that immigrants will take over. We could help by trying to explain to people that immigrants are not here to take over.

Again, immigrants are not bad for the economy. Many people don't believe this, but immigrants create more jobs than take them. Most immigrants are also not here to cause danger. I’ve already listed many reasons why an immigrant would need to come here. Also, there is no proof that immigrants cause danger. It’s actually been shown that crime rates went down when immigrants started coming in. There’s so much proof about these myths being incorrect. To help, we could explain to these people that immigrants really aren’t bad and they just want a better
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