Arguments Against Immigration To The United States

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Immigration is an important topic across the world that has caused a substantial amount of controversy that is still going on today. Immigration is a very serious matter that affects the United States as a whole in many different aspects. Some Americans frown upon the entrance of immigrants and do not believe that they should be granted with such a privilege. Although immigrants are classified as negative factors for America because of overpopulation, the abuse of government assistance and the importing of diseases, immigrants should be supported because of the overall meaning of America and their contributions to societal and cultural factors. In the eyes of some Americans, immigrants are seen as unwanted people with negative effects in our country. With the number of immigrants increasing in the United States the population is starting to increase; therefore, the country can become over populated. Immigrants are also blamed for taking jobs from middle-class Americans and leaving U.S. Citizens without jobs and income to provide for their families. Another factor that is considered is the importing of different diseases from different countries to affect the United States. Although these issues are very important and valid, immigrants should be supported by…show more content…
Words that are often used to describe America are freedom and hope, yet there is such a huge controversy about immigrants coming to the United States to be free and have a better life. America gives immigrants a sense of hope and endless opportunities for a better life. The U.S. provides more jobs and more money to help immigrants survive and provide for their families. America also gives immigrants freedom from the bad issues of their countries that cause them to leave and search for a new beginning in the United States. Immigrants should be supported in the United States ultimately because of what the U.S.A means and stands
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