Arguments Against Incarceration In Prisons

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Incarceration has long been part of our corrections facilities in maintaining and holding criminals confined to themselves and harmless to the outside world. That’s not the exactly the way it is anymore, now they are creating treatment programs to rehabilitate people into better normal class citizens in prison because of the effects it has on prisoners in and outside the walls along with people they are associated with. For instance one article stated how in Germany they created state of the art treatment programs to help treat the criminals with their addictions. It was said to have great results in the treatments, but the program was very costly, so it was shut down. While another program in New York is trying to help the incarcerated fathers, by letting them portray the father…show more content…
A quote from tanners presentation showed it; a man said “incarceration doesn’t make you commit crime, being separated from people does”. Which is why I feel the personal contact is good, whether it be on screen or in person. I believe it would help deter some of the anger and violence inside the prisons as well. Another aspect of incarceration we looked at was how keeping these people imprisoned prevented them from committing so many more crimes in society. Which in reality it was a significant amount of crimes reduced, but at the same time hard to compare one person to the next so theories can be hard to provide a perfect answer! Some negative aspects of incarceration are such things as being tried as an adult when your underage because statistics came to show that the underage would receive a 6 times harsher penalty then someone of legal age who committed the same crime. Incapacitation does do a good job, but I believe we need to keep looking into it and coming up with more programs to have a positive effect on the

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