Arguments Against Jim Crow Laws

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Jim Crow laws are a complex set of laws and customs separating the races in the south. Jim Crow laws have deprived many American citizens of their civil rights by, being prohibited to things such as interracial marriage, whites and colored going to the same schools, and not getting service at restaurants. This Jim Crow laws have made it very hard for American citizens to do everyday activities that seem so impossible to think about not having. One Jim crow law states “All marriages between a white person and a negro or person, or between a white person and a person of negro descent to the fourth generation inclusive, are hereby forever prohibited. ( Florida) This makes the civil rights of American citizens very different financially and emotionally. Many married couples have a very big advantage than those who aren’t married. Another Jim Crow law states “The schools for white children shall be conducted separately.” (Florida) This made it hard for white and colored children to connect with each other since they couldn’t even go to the same school. It made whites think differently of colored. Jim Crow law of Alabama states “it should be unlawful to conduct a restraint or other place for serving food in the city,” ( Alabama) This helps explain that different races couldn’t even eat in the same buildings. In conclusion Jim Crow laws have deprived many American citizens of their civil rights financially and emotionally.…show more content…
National Historical site. Jim Crow Laws are laws are laws and customs separating races in the south. The Jim Crow Laws helps show how many colored people were segregate in the south. This source helps show and explain the actual laws used towards races. These laws area primary list of

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