Arguments Against Legalizing Prostitution

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I believe prostitution should be legalized and regulated as an industry instead of being criminalized, penalized, and eradicated. Prostitution is known as one of the world’s oldest professions. Being that it is one of the world’s oldest professions, it would be extremely hard to eradicate the entire industry because government regulation of an industry that big can sometimes allow for the falling through the cracks for many. As well, criminalizing and penalizing sex workers who consent to sex would make for more trouble because seekers may turn to dangerous options to satisfy a need. Prostitution may be seen as an unethical practice but there would be bounteous advantages if the entire industry was legalized. There are many pros and cons to prostitution but I believe that the pros outweigh the cons. The pros of prostitution strengthen the reasoning as to why the industry should be legal. According to Business Insider, the legalization of prostitution would reduce crime against women. Since prostitution is illegal, many times when women are abused, they are less likely to call the police because they are engaging in illegal acts. Legalization of the industry…show more content…
The two arguments I proposed use the functionalist theory because the legalization of prostitution would reduce crime against prostitutes because prostitution deters men from enacting their sexual needs on unwilling women and through the legalization of the industry, women would be more safer because they would be able to turn away men if they felt like they were in danger. Fellatio is the most common request asked of prostitutes and with the legalization of prostitution, would come the requirement of condoms. The condoms would not only protect the sex workers from transmitting an STD, it would also stop the spread of any (especially if the John is
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