Arguments Against Mandatory Testing

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Do you like mandatory testing because I sure don’t. Mandatory testing is testing that costs your school money and helps to see if you are ready for if you have really picked up what your teachers are teaching you. I believe that the testing puts too much pressure on kids, parents and teachers. Testing is stressful and when you have to do multiple days of testing it can be hard on kids that set high standards for their selves. Students don’t test for one day, they test for a week and a half. There is a lot of questions on the test you might not know the answer to. That might stress out a lot of kids. I know this because the author of Standardized Testing: Good and Bad stated testing can put too much stress on kids, parents and teachers. I agree with her that the teachers, parents and the students might end up having a negative view toward the school after testing.…show more content…
Kids that set goals for learning get stressed because they are testing every day of the week and don’t have much time to get work done. I know this because in the Seattle Times it says “kid spend the most time on mandatory testing in eighth grade about 4 days out of the school year although that dose’t count preparation.”The reason time affects your grades in this case is because the testing dose not go towards your grades all it dose is wast time that you could be using to do work and get grades up. When I was in 5th grade one of my friends fell down out of his chair and had a seizure during the test. The ambulance came, his mom came, and then he got to leave with his mom. I know that when he gets stressed there is a very high risk of him having a seizure. I feel that the test should not be an every day of the week thing. I feel it should be an every other day
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