Arguments Against Mandatory Volunteering

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I personally believe that we should have our choice as citizens to volunteer. We should not be forced into service, wether it 's picking up trash in a park or being in the military. The United States of America is already so far in debt they can 't see the other side, why would we throw away billions of dollars chasing after the people who do not do their service? What happens if someone gets a task they need training for? Training costs money, so who is going to pay for it? The Government, who would also pay a year of living expenses to this person. About 63 million Americans volunteer each year, and excess of 300 billion dollars are donated each year. Americans on their own see the good in giving and volunteering their time and/or money. I feel like knowing you are forced to do a service most people aren 't going to want to do is going to create a lot of emotional problems such as depression or anxiety, suicide would be a factor too. Volunteering time is something people like to do because of how the rewards feel. I feel like we would create a lot more problems than we need or can handle as citizens and a country by forming a mandatory service…show more content…
In the passage supporting mandatory service, the writer mentions how volunteering has been shown to affect health and moods positively. That point is invalid because it would no longer be volunteering, meaning optional. It is now an obligation such as a job. People already have jobs doing these same things and it seems to be going pretty well, don 't you
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