Arguments Against Minimum Wage

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In this essay I will describe the arguments against minimum wage. As an economic advisor representing the Irish small business association, I will talk about my idea of an economic policy document preventing the introduction of a wage floor. Price floor is a minimum price allowed by law. It is a price below which, it is illegal to buy or sell. It is not always as good for the economy, as we think it is, because it creates surpluses, wasteful increases in quality, lost gains from trade and misallocation of resources. Minimum wage is one of the examples of a price floor. It is the lowest wage an employer may pay an employee and it is determined by law or contract. Increasing the minimum wage might seem like a great idea. However, it comes with many disadvantages. The …show more content…

Increasing the minimum wage would rise economic activity and spur job growth. It could also reduce government spending and lessen income, race and gender inequality. Despite the good intentions, it is ineffective and minimum wage is a uncertain policy that should be questionable for anyone concerned with the troubles of the poor. Minimum wage does not help to solve the poverty problem. If labor market has no restrictions, the wage would adjust so that anyone willing to work could find a job. Small businesses would not be the ones that are most hurt and would not be forced to close down. Companies would not have to lay off employees and decrease hiring levels. Higher wage floor also disrupts economic system and causes a lot more of side effects that are very damaging to the market. I think every country should try balance the minimum wage levels to help to stimulate economic growth and keep all the citizens happy, including the poorest and most unskilled and create many job opportunities for them. There are much better alternatives to help poor families, young adults. Minimum wage is a dishonest approach that hides the true cost of the

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