Minimum Wage Increase

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Today 's society has various standpoints when looking at this very contentious topic in the US: Minimum wage. To illustrate, imagine coming home every day to your family and not being able to you or your family to have dinner as you didn’t make enough money during work. Imagine having to share a small cramped apartment with a family of 4 to save a few pennies for necessities such as food, water, and medical care. Indeed, these are the conditions these families living on minimum wage are experiencing. You may ask, who doesn’t want the minimum wage to increase; the more, the better right? Well, people 's answers may fluctuate depending on their situation. For example, the community who wants the minimum wage to increase is made up of people with…show more content…
Clearly, there are two sides to this situation, and people may argue these business owners currently have the upper hand as they are allowed to pay their workers as low as $7.25 an hour according to the federal minimum wage policy. That may be true, but it can simply increase if these workers revolt against these business magnates by not working forcing them to increase their salaries. It may cause them not to make money for a few weeks during these riots, but would benefit them in the long run. The essence is, Americans should increase the minimum wage and that it should increase because it would prevent workers living under minimum wage from changing their lifestyle to adapt to the working conditions and would decrease the overall poverty in the…show more content…
Either Way, who wants to skip meals some days in order not to go bankrupt. Moreover, this problem has arisen recently as 29% of low-wage workers are single parents who cause more of a dilemma they have to deal with (Buren). Consequently, these single parents having to bring their children to their job and leave them to wonder as they can’t afford to spend money on childcare. Also, the average amount of money you earn on minimum wage is $15,080 which is clearly not enough. An average family that makes $54,622 a year has around $5076 left over at after taxes and all of the expenses for child care, education, food, housing, etc. (Stoffel, Fool). In addition, the minimum has many problems in the long run when it comes to whether it can sustain a healthy lifestyle. Some May Argue, it causes companies to hire fewer people and fire more individuals to adapt to these change, to still pay the same amount to their employees in the end. That may true, but you forget they will most probably get rid of the slackers and the people who don’t work hard and make space for people who want to work hard but don’t have a chance. It’s a win/win situation for the workers and the company. Furthermore, increasing the minimum wage can also aid in a healthier lifestyle as
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