Arguments Against Paid Sick Law

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In the United States many employees may go without having health insurance. Some will go without visiting a doctor for months and even years. At the same time, most employees may spend long hours at work yet still face measuring their opportunity cost when deciding on health insurance. If that wasn’t crucial enough, many may find themselves force to work under sickened health conditions. Fortunately, recent policy reduces the impact on an economic crises and an individual setback. That is, the recent introduction of a paid sick law has positively impacted both employers and workers across New York City. Today, under the paid sick law, employees may receive five days off in the event of a personal or the need to care for a family member. Even…show more content…
This bill essentially serves as a way for employees to protect their job but also their health and love ones. Its purpose is to provide the individual with basic rights and overall create a healthier and stronger workforce. In 2010, Gale Brewer first introduced the Bill to city council. By the time it was first introduced, the council was conservative which made it hard to even vote on such possibility. Official actors involved in the long time coming of the Bill were now Mayor Bill de Blasio, City Council members Melissa Mark-Viverito, City councilman Daniel R. Garodnick, public advocate Letitia James and of course Gale A Brewer, who originally introduced the bill in 2010. The group of official actors played an important role for they maintained consistency and dedication all along the way. They essential created conscious through holding conferences, events and educating people. On one of many events, official actors would use tactics to gain supports from New Yorkers. The framing on the bill in an effort to get vote and recognitions were significant. For instance, Gale Brewer found it ideal to use gender as a possible way to bring the bill to a vote. “We are here because we’re women, women who are active in the workforce” Anna Sale. The idea was to essentially help gain alliances and support from women around the city. Many females are now part of

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