Arguments Against Paleo Diets

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In today’s world, diets are the big craze. Everyone is out looking to get slim and lose weight. Diets take a lot of discipline to maintain. Looking at the United States, the fitness and diet craze are exploding. One diet that is receiving some focus is the Paleo diet. This diet is also known as the caveman diet. It gets this name from the hunter and gatherer style of eating the dates clear back to Neanderthals. Basically, if it can be grown, fruits and vegetables, or hunted, lean meats, then it is good to eat. Paleo tends to avoid dairy products, sugary fruit juice, soda, soft drinks, energy drinks, grains, legumes, processed meat, and unnaturally salted food. So again, anything that you can hunt or gather from the wild. The Paleo diet is backed with the belief that our civilization has been overcome by the modern nutrition and created hostility to our biology. Some research shows that this is a diet that can work, while others point to some valid arguments to argue this research. Both are valid arguments that should be considered.
There are many theories that try to show why Paleo is the right choice when it comes to dieting. There are a lot of diets that could also be chosen from but what makes Paleo different? Many begin the Paleo diet to cleanse their body of processed food and to also lose weight. Studies have shown that there are health
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One argument would be that the hunter and gatherers that are being emulated, had a much shorter life expectancy compared to today’s society. The average lifespan of today’s population is between seventy and seventy-five years of age. Back then, the average lifespan was around a mere age of thirty. Another argument that is brought up is that cavemen ate to survive, not to be healthy. They weren’t looking to eat a balanced diet. They were more of looking to eat calories to be able to hunt for more food and to reproduce to, again, continue to survive

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