Arguments Against Pet Cremation

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The death of a pet is a tragic event that can cause overwhelming feelings of pain, loss and loneliness. Many pet owners find comfort by honoring their pet with an appropriate and heartfelt memorial. While some people still choose to bury their pets, plots at pet cemeteries can be prohibitively expensive, and burying the pet in the backyard is often banned by local laws. For these reasons, more owners today are choosing pet cremation as a way to cope with their loss and memorialize the pet.

Cremation allows the owner to keep the pet nearby even when moving to a new home or area. This option also allows owners to scatter the pet's ashes in the yard or a favorite place like a park or beach. The option is available for pets of all sizes and species, from reptiles to birds or mammals.

Many veterinarians have relationships with pet crematoriums. These regulated establishments have a special kind of furnace designed specifically for pets. Using extreme heat of up to 1600 degrees, the furnace reduces the pet to the most basic elements. These remains are called cremains but are more commonly known as ashes. The cremains consist of bone fragments that are reduced to the size of rough sand.
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Others opt to view the cremation as it happens while being with family and friends in a viewing room. Not all crematories offer this option, but it is becoming more popular as owners want to be with their pets during the cremation process. Some owners choose a communal cremation, in which the pet is cremated alongside other animals. During this process, the pet's creamains are not separated from those of the other animals but will still go to some kind of memorial area. No matter which option is chosen, a reputable pet crematorium will perform the procedure under strict operating policies and the highest standards of

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