Arguments Against Police Brutality

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Over the years, countries have witnessed many cases of police brutality, which has tremendously increased since the 80’s. Every day, officers are faced with many threatening situations, forcing them to make split-second decisions all the while simultaneously both expecting the worst along and hoping for the best. Police officers shouldn't have more power than any other human-being on this planet just because they wear a badge on their chest especially given the power to take any citizen's rights away, even their lives. Police brutality contains a lot of ethos, racism, and pathos because police are meant to protect society from harm, First of all, police brutality is hypocrisy, police should be properly trained so they do not resort to violence and abuse of its power. It’s illegal for a cop to violate someone's rights; police officers are suppose to be trusted and expected to respect society as a whole. Even though officers can be cruel and unfair, we the people have to obey authority, if a cop says STOP, we stop. Do not make the situation harder for yourself or others, we all have a role to play. The important thing to do is to understand the circumstances and rights we have during arrest. Furthermore, in addition I…show more content…
The emotions from family to friends after a terrible loss to someone being brutally beaten, thrown around, and rights taken away from. I personally have not seen someone being kicked, punched, tasered by an officer, but technology has come a long way that people are being videotaped and finally citizens all over the country are coming together and catching officers exceeding the power given. Cops can only use physically force on criminals, but is excessive force for an unarmed criminal. Police officers know right and wrong yet they think cause they wear a uniform on their body they have all human rights against innocent
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