Arguments Against Prescription Drug

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What is a drug? According to our notes, a drug is a substance other than food that affects the structure or the function of the body through its chemical action. Our society has both legal and illicit drugs. My focus for this essay is the use of legal prescription medications.
People begin taking prescriptions medication for a variety of reasons. Most of these reasons are legitimate. They fall and twist a knee. Percocet is prescribed for the pain. The pain goes away and they can function. This person is able do all day to day activities, such as work, school, or hobbies. This person feels physical well, so they feel emotionally well. The problem arises when the person can no longer function without the Percocet. A simple twisted
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Even President Trump recently declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. President Trump’s commission made recommendations to fight the addiction epidemic. The panel suggested creating more drug courts and expanding access to medications that treat addiction. (Hoffman)
My family has seen first had what the addition of pain medication can do. My uncle recently finished a stay in rehab. His addition began with a prescription for Percocet for migraine headaches. In the beginning, he was very good and took them as prescribed. However, he quickly sunk into a hole and went from one doctor to another to get his next dose. The last doctor he had prescribed 100 Percocet and 100 Valium per month. The two drugs were poison for my uncle. He was lost his job and he lost his family. Nothing was more important to him than those drugs. It took years before he really recovered. As it stands now, after getting clean, he does have a relationship with his family, but after being out of work for years, it is doubtful he will ever get another job. I blame the doctor as much as my uncle. This doctor heard from my Aunt what the drugs were doing to her husband and he ignored her pleas for
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