Arguments Against Prescription Drugs

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Anyone with an addiction clearly has a problem and needs help. That shouldn’t matter if the drug is legal or not. I think if the person has an addiction, they should have the opportunity to get help. But if the person is unwilling to seek or get help, then they should be punished and put in jail, if that drug is illegal. As far as legal prescribed drugs, I believe it should be more of a doctor’s position to realize that an individual is addicted and they should stop prescribing the drug to them. If that individual then breaks the law to steal or misuse the drug after the prescription is removed, then they should be punished just like anything else because they broke the law. Bottom line is, people should have an opportunity to get help, and if they are unwilling or unable to change, then they should be punished.…show more content…
Prescription drugs are highly addictive, and for the most part, easily available if you know someone with a prescription. Like I mentioned before, I think doctors need to try and be more aware if there is a problem with misusing a drug, but it is not entirely their fault if somewhere someone goes wrong. It is in my opinion, kind of a tough subject, because in many cases, people really do need the drugs for pain or whatever the issue may be. Doctors can’t simply cut off a patient that really does need the prescription. In summary, I think doctors need to try to be more aware of their patients, but people sometimes it isn’t that easy so people need to have more restraint.

I had never personally heard of THORN before this discussion, but after a quick Google search, I was able to find that it was created and co-founded by actor Aston Kutcher and Demi Moore. Since I had never heard of it before, I am not entirely sure on what exactly they

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