Arguments Against Prop 51

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Everyone deserves a quality education and a safe place to learn. Of course we want what’s best for our students, but when students have to study in run down buildings and in hazardous learning environments; it’s morally wrong to be put in that situation for students and staff. Proposition 51, or the California Public School Facility Bonds Initiative provides $9 billion in bonds to fund improvement and construction of school facilities for K-12 schools and community colleges. There has been many school bonds in the past, but Prop 51 is the first school bond measure to appear on the ballot as an initiative and is first education related bond since 2006. Although many people that oppose Prop 51 argue that 51 will leave us…show more content…
As more and more schools reach the fifty mark in California, they begin to decay and wear down. Not only is this a growing issue among school districts, but also for family that have a child in schools that are considered to be unsafe. Old and aging schools are in need of remodeling and reconstruction to ensure the student safety as well as the teacher safety. In the article by Mark Sutton and Joe Hernandez from Fresnobee state that, “…we cannot afford to address all our projects like aging roofs, nonworking restrooms, old and potentially hazardous electrical systems, and outdated fire and safety systems.” Schools should be capable of remodeling the schools to meet safety standards and become more modernized to fit with today’s society. Old schools do not have the technology for students which will provide them with high quality learning and enhance the overall student’s success and future. In another article by Fresnobee Editorial indicates that,“Without doubt, many aging schools need to be remodeled, and some schools should be built to accommodate shifting population.” Schools should focus on the safety of the students and staff, but also focusing on innovation and how to improve student learning. If the school bond passes, schools will have the money to reconstruct and renovate buildings and fix the shifting population in California. In Modesto Bee Editorial article, it makes clear that,“...Too many Valley districts are forced into choosing between making repairs to keep students safe and investing in the updates and innovation that will prepare students for 21st-century jobs. ” It shouldn’t be an option between the safety of students and innovation; schools should have both safety and academic improvements to prepare students for the future. Schools should be provide money to combat these issues for the students’ well being and reconstruction they
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