Arguments Against Proposition 64

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Proposition 64 would legalize the recreational use of marijuana for adults aged 21 years or older. Smoking would be permitted in a private home or at a business licensed for on-site marijuana consumption. Smoking would remain illegal while driving a vehicle, anywhere smoking tobacco is, and in all public places. In addition, Proposition 64 would create two new excise taxes on marijuana. One would be a cultivation tax of $9.25 per ounce for flowers and $2.75 per ounce for leaves, with exceptions for certain medical marijuana sales and cultivation. The second would be a 15 percent tax on the retail price of marijuana. Taxes would be adjusted for inflation starting in 2020. But also Local governments would be authorized to levy taxes on marijuana as well.…show more content…
Also, Individuals under age 18 convicted of marijuana use or possession would be required to attend drug education or a counseling program and complete community service. Selling marijuana without a license would be punishable by up to six months in a county jail, a fine up to $500, or both. If Proposition 64 is approved, individuals serving sentences for activities made legal under the measure would be eligible for resentencing. But in my opinion I believe that teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to buy marijuana because it’s bad for their health. Proposition 58 was designed by legislators to repeal the English-only immersion requirement and waiver provisions required by Proposition 227 of 1998. In English-only programs, students learn subjects from teachers who speak only in English. Proposition 227 required English learners to take one year of intensive English instruction before transitioning to English-only classes. As a legislative referral, Proposition 58 was voted on in the California Legislature. In the General Assembly, 53 legislators voted to place the measure on the ballot and 26 voted against doing so. In the
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