Arguments Against Racial Inequality

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Why is there still racial inequality? Racial inequality still exists even after Rosa Parks, Barack Obama, Martin Luther King Jr., Abraham Lincoln, James Madison, Malcolm X, and Nelson Mandela tried to stop it. Most African Americans and Hispanics expect for inequality to stop. Because they are most likely to be killed by whites, have no good education, unemployment, incarceration, no good health, and aren't paid that much money. Racial inequality has been such a huge problem that even eight important people tried to stop it. Afortunately some people didn't care and keep on doing it now. That's why people like Obama, Nelson Mandela, Malcolm X, etc.,have been making part of their quotes about racial, because they want to try and stop…show more content…
Mostly the killings have involved whites killing blacks for no reason. The unemployments have been about whites not giving employment to the African Americans and Hispanics because of their color. Incarnation has been about black men Having a higher chance to go to federal state prisons and local jails than whites. Their health hasn't been been great either because they have to wait 99 minutest to be taken care of. Then finally their payment, blacks are usually paid $35,416 while whites are being paid $59,754. So that's why blacks want to stop inequalities. African Americans would really appreciate it if racial inequality would stop because it's not fair. That's why 8 important people have tried to stop it, because they want everyone to be treated equally. They were also very thankful that people were standing up for them trying to give them a voice. That's also a reason why racial inequality has calmed down a little, because everyone was trying to stop them and make them realize that they were hurting people. But no matter what there is still racial inequality
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