Arguments Against Racial Profiling

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My opinion about racial profiling is split between it being effective and racist. Racial profiling does good for a community because it often gets someone who has committed a crime. Racial Profiling has kept crime off the streets. The media and politicians turn it into a big issue. At the same time I understand why racial profiling is racist. Innocent people are blamed for a crime they did not commit and sometimes are guilty for something they did not do. It puts many people in a tough position because they can’t really do anything about it. Many Hispanic, black and middle-eastern people feel offended by racial profiling because it violates their human rights. I would also say because of the racial issues and remarks black and Hispanic…show more content…
It sparked racism among Muslims. Muslims and middle-eastern were labeled as “terrorists”. Muslims and middle-easterners sparked fear and uncertainty among US citizens. A use of the term “islamophobia” spread out across the United States. This is a big problem in the US especially in New York. The NYPD began to spy on Muslims shortly after the September 11 terrorist attacks. After the 9/11 attacks, the NYPD operated the Demographics Unit which mapped communities of Muslims, Arabs, and Albanians. Detectives were sent to public places to observe where potential terrorists could be. Officers infiltrated Muslim communities and spied on thousands of innocent Americans at mosques, work, college etc. One report comes from a young man who became friends with a man from his mosque only to find out that he was undercover. After the incident, he leaved the mosque for one year. Parents also fear for their children practicing in the Islamic religion fearing that they will be bullied. In Irving, Texas there was an incident of a 14 year old boy, Ahmed Mohamed, who was arrested for bringing in a homemade clock to school just because of his Islamic background. The Islamic community get racially profiled the most in airports. Security will bring over middle-eastern families to questioning just because of their appearance and behavior. In 2002, Logan International airport launched the Behavior Assessment Screening System which allows security to question passengers whose behavior is unusual. This system spread out to airports across the United States. A CNN report from Nafees Syed titled Airport screening for 'Flying while Muslim', discusses what she goes through being racially profiled because of her religious beliefs. “It seems that now someone called "Barack Hussein Obama" can be pulled aside and patted down merely because of his name. But while our president has the benefit of
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