Arguments Against Racial Profiling

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Introduction Racism is still visible and prominent in the country, particularly in communities. A current issue of it being present is Racial Profiling. It has been reported that some Law Enforcements stop drivers, motorists, pedestrians of certain types of racial or ethnical groups because they believe they are more likely to commit street-level crimes. Black or African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Middle Easterners are said to be the ones dealing and experiencing this issue. These racial groups have been proclaimed searched, received countless tickets, warned, verbally assaulted and arrested by some Law Enforcements. Though, the Police argued that they don’t practice this. Racial Profiling has been constant debates of many Human Rights…show more content…
When challenged about the topic, almost all of her responses were positive and she agrees with the majority of the questions asked. When questioned about if the topic exists and is it evident today in communities her responses was “Yes”. When asked if statistical reports prove that the topic exists she agreed because it is based on legitimate stops of whom they track or who they don’t track. (See Figure 1 below). Figure 1: Racial Profiling in Law Enforcement When asked about the main question of the report—do Law Enforcements practice Racial Profiling, she had a neutral but a relevant answer to the research question. She said “If I believe that there is really Racial Profiling, I believe they made a decision to stop the race not because of some other reason. If they are looking for a suspect and he happens to be black, that’s not Racial Profiling that’s basically using race as a factor to help you solve a crime... I believe they made a decision it’s when you stop someone solely based on race that’s the deciding factor for why stop this person versus another
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