Arguments Against Racism In America

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Racism is a problem in our society, there has been shootings, protesting and disrespect for our country’s past, present and future.Black lives matter! Racism is no good and bad for our country. Too many African Americans have been shot and killed by white police officers. An off duty black police officer was shot by a white officer on June 21, 2017. This happened at night in St. Louis, Missouri. He heard commotion near his home and went outside with his issued police weapon to help. One of the officers did not recognize him and shot him in the arm; “friendly fire”. Another example is Michael Brown who was killed by a white officer in August 2014. This also happened in St. Louis. This event protests started the police reform nationwide to…show more content…
They are doing this to end police brutality toward African Americans. They want to re-instill trust in our law enforcement. Another reason some athletes are kneeling is to hold police accountable for killing African Americans. Kaepernick started this problem of kneeling during the National Anthem. Some people are protesting about the athletes kneeling. Some are saying it is disrespectful to our country. Others say it is unpatriotic and some are saying it is disrespecting everyone who fought for our country.(Tatum) The white Nationalist speaking in Gainesville that causes protesting and violence around the country. His speech in Charlottesville, Virginia led to a violent protest. There were two deaths and 19 were injured. One of his supporters drove a car into a crowd of people. Gainesville took plenty of safety measures. Governor Rick Scott declared a state of emergency for the event. UF President had more police on campus in the college’s history spending $600,000. He also encouraged UF students to stay away from the event. As a result, Gainesville protest was peaceful but expensive. One man was arrested for carrying a firearm. Another man was arrested for resisting arrest.(Levenson) In conclusion in our country Black lives matter. Our country is tired of all the racism such as the shootings, disrespecting the Anthem and the Neo Nazi movement. America
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