Arguments Against Racism In The Juvenile Justice System

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In today’s world, unless you call and ask for help, the police are not your friend. Police in 2015 is around to decide if you’ve done something wrong and whether they can arrest you or not to “maintain order” in the community. When you get pulled over by a police you should follow three simple rules. The first rule is to always be courteous and polite to the cop. The second rule is to resist every request of the police until he uses force. You should never under any circumstances resist physically. You have the right to verbally resist until it’s clear that you’ll be arrested for not complying. This is why it’s important to know your rights because you won’t get in trouble for being arrested. The trouble comes when you are being convicted…show more content…
I did research to find out all the different opinions on this question. Judge Cordell responded, “I believe, absolutely, that what you have described exists in the system. The statistics prove it--they 're there. What is hard is that if you go up to your average juvenile court judge, and that judge is the one who sends these kids off--we 're the ones ultimately responsible for these statistics--that judge will look you dead in the eye and say, "I 'm not unfair, I 'm not racist, I 'm not prejudiced. I do the best I can." And that judge is telling you the truth. I 'm not saying there aren 't those judges who are so prejudiced and so racist; there are those. But I think, in the main, most are not. But I think what happens is that stereotypes are so embedded in the psyche of human beings, that those stereotypes come to play. So that when a young black kid comes into court before a white male judge, who perhaps doesn 't have any experience dealing with young black males, and this black male has on baggy pants, has an attitude, may have a tattoo, immediately a picture, a mindset comes up in that judge 's head. We make assumptions; that 's what stereotypes are. Assumptions get made. . . . I think, in the main, that 's what happens, and I think that 's what accounts for those statistics. (Cordell) People argue that if you have the social advantages of being white and middle class, then you deserve even less of a break. Knowing this Judge Edwards was ask, does the system seem to be so inclined to tolerate these disparities? He responded with ease
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