Arguments Against Raising Minimum Wage Essay

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The cost of living is a difficult situation that many Americans across the country struggle with today. A heated debate that directly impacts the lives of all citizens is whether or not the price of minimum wage should be increased. Minimum wage is the standard amount of money earned for executing a basic skill job. Some people hold strong beliefs on why enlarging minimum wage is a major downfall, while others think this process is extremely beneficial. The following paragraphs will discuss the pros and cons surrounding both sides of this topic and the reasoning that births each one. Many politicians, business owners, and citizens hold fast to the belief that heightening the salary attached to minimum wage positions will yield negative benefits for our society. This opinion is supported by three vital view-points. The first can be found in the news article, “The Argument Against Raising Minimum Wage.” It expresses how the enlargement of this payment will take a toll on employment. The document reasons that if the amount of money employees earn is expanded, companies will be less likely to hire as many workers (Huppke). This causes job loss for future laborers. Businesses will not be able to financially employ as many individuals, thus, increasing the nation’s overall unemployment rate. Some employers find a means around decreasing the number of employees by limiting the amount of hours each individual can work (“Economists argue about minimum wage”). A second argument in the minimum wage war focuses around the concept of inflation. Critics call to…show more content…
This argument continues to be a significant struggle across our country as there are many opinions regarding the topic. Both subject matters provide valid reasoning on why their outlook is superior to the other. Overall, poverty is a battle for millions of Americans, and the minimum wage cost unfortunately plays a significant
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