Arguments Against Reparation

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The arguments for and against the reparations of slavery both contain valid points. The legacy of slavery continues to affect Black Americans even today. As a result, slavery has led to major racial inequality and has caused nearly one third of the Blacks to live in poverty. However, paying reparations has the potential to become deeply complicated. One argument for reparations is that it would allow the United States to address a major racial issue. Paying reparations recognizes the wrongdoings of the United States and it would be a form of apology. By acknowledging the harmful effects of slavery on the Black community, the US is holding itself accountable for its role in facilitating slavery. The United States’ economy was largely build by slave labor and some companies that used slave labor still exist today. The US greatly benefitted from slavery and the US economy depended on slave labor. Therefore, paying reparations would be a way to reimburse the Black community for the slave labor’s wages and could serve as form of apology. The arguments made against…show more content…
Slavery has greatly affected and continues to affect Blacks in America in the form of poverty. The reparations should be paid to the Black community as a group rather than individuals. Although not all Americans have descendants that participated in slavery, it is part of our collective history as a nation. Although slavery was over a hundred years ago, the effects of slavery continue to affect the Black community and has prevented a majority of them from succeeding economically. The reparations would help contribute to healing of racial tensions and would allow the United States to move forward from the past. Therefore, I believe that although paying the reparations has complications it is something that should be done to acknowledge the US government’s regret for their use of slave
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