Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage

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Men and women started to work and live together as a unit to meet their needs after the agricultural revolution tied them to land. Since this era marriage was defined as a social contract between ‘men and women’ before it was defined legally. After the modern times, when marriage institution has undergone many notable changes, same-sex marriage became a social phenomenon. The single-sided marriage definition leads to social, political and legal controversy in societies all around the world. Global movements that regard same-sex marriage should be legal because it is a fundamental human right rise towards the late 20th century (Chamie & Mirkin, 2011, p.529). However, there is an opinion which, for different reasons, regards same-sex marriage as a morally and socially unacceptable catastrophe. This essay is going to present some arguments of both sides in a balanced view before providing a final evaluation of them.
One of the main reason for opposing same-sex marriage is that marriage functions as procreation which same-sex couples cannot do. People who advocate the essence of marriage is reproduction and transmission of human life argue that having legal rights such as setting a family would have no meaning in society without having a child. Moreover, same-sex marriages would harm the marriage institution because it could no longer refer to the natural and procreative relationship of male-female. This idea underlines that marriage of infertile or elderly heterosexual

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