Arguments Against Segregation In Schools

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Although segregation has been eliminated, discrimination is still prevalent in the United States. Lack of proper education and representation of people of color (POC) has bred hate and stereotypes in white people for generations. Both the problem and the solution lie within our country’s school system. Our classrooms cannot only provide the resources necessary for change, but also the influence to alter the youth’s perception of other cultures. Introducing more diverse, culturally and historically accurate classes will help minimize racial discrimination by providing a legitimate representation of POC.
Starting with what our schools lack, each American state and territory has the right to set their own regulations on curriculum requirements, including English, math, science, physical education, history, foreign language, electives, and “other”. This creates an extremely varied syllabus not only state-by-state, but also school-by-school, especially in states like Iowa that have very little regulation over schools statewide. For example, among many states, there is a striking scarcity of world history,
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The bulk of the United States’ school districts declare that only American, or even state history is necessary for the growth of their students. World history encompasses a medley of different racial and cultural perspectives. Centuries of deep-rooted history entangle copious numbers of Asian countries, as well as many countries in Africa. Pre-Columbian America contains its own unique story and is sparsely spoken of. World history tells the truth and opens people’s eyes to the struggles many races have had to overcome. This study portrays why most modern cultures are the way they are today. The entirety of the human experience is linked to world history in some fashion and it is entirely ignorant that officials in the United States deem a multicultural learning experience
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