Arguments Against Slavery Reparations

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Debates over reparations has continued since the Civil War that ended in 1865. The Reparation Coordinating Committee, led by Randall Robinson, plans to bring huge lawsuit against the government and the major corporations that benefitted from the use of African slaves. Others disagree with Robinson’s claims. Walter Williams, an economic professor at Georgia Mason University, is against opponents of reparations. Williams argues that African slaves benefitted from the legacy of slavery. Both sides differ on whether America should pay for reparations to descendants of former slaves. Williams makes an excellent point into why the government and the major corporations should not pay for the reparations to African Americans. In his article, “Slavery Reparations,” Williams explains that a large percentage of today’s Americans don’t go back three or four generations. Their ancestors arrived to America long after slavery was abolished. Walters brings an interesting point, it’s that the European had no immunity to the diseases that flourished in Africa. Capturing the Africans was done by Arabs and black Africans. Would the reparations supporters ask the citizens of Ghana, Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Kenya and several other Muslim state, to tax themselves and make a reparation bill to the people whom their…show more content…
There are not that many descendants of African slaves, or slave owners. Majority of the American population came to America long after slavery was abolished. America has a national debt of $16.4 trillion, the USA citizens have enough to worry in America. Slavery has been a huge misunderstanding, and is used as a tool for hustlers and demagogues. In the article “Walter Williams: Did blacks benefit from slavery?” Walter says slavery has been part of the human conditions throughout all of recorded history and everywhere on the globe. America has to continue into the future and should not dwell too much into the
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