Arguments Against Standardized Testing In Education

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Imagine your child crying over the phone because she didn’t do well on her standardized test and now has to be held back. That is not a world we want to live in. Standardized tests are supposed to show academic achievement. It is not supposed to hurt students in school. Standardized test scores should not be used for grade promotion. When a child is held back, it hurts their school experience. Children can get picked on because they had to stay behind. Being held back is just another way kids can get bullied. A child that is held back can’t hang out with children their age. They will be surrounded by younger kids and won’t want to hang out with them. All of their friends would have moved on to the next grade, so who’s going to sit with them…show more content…
They might have a harder time remembering simple facts. When it comes to the standardized test, kids might not be able to recall needed material. Additionally, children might have learning disabilities that can make them confused on the standardized test. A kid could look at a question and could not be able to understand what it’s saying. Also, children with cases like 80HD wouldn’t be able to focus well. They might get off track and start putting answers in the wrong places. Kids should not be held back because of something that they have that makes them different than other kids. Some people argue that kids need to master important materials. It is true that kids need to learn what they are taught, holding them back will not encourage them. The child might think that they are dumb and won’t want to apply themselves. Standardized tests should not be used for grade promotion. Kids should have a positive view of their school experience. Standardized tests should not be in the way of a child and a good record. Kids with learning disabilities need to have a fair chance at grade promotion. Now, imagine your child walking down the halls of her school with confidence, not having to stress about her standardized test. That is a world we want to live
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