Arguments Against Standardized Testing In Schools

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Testing Standardized Tests Over the years, standardized tests have become the main source of information on how students and teachers are doing in schools all around the U.S. A standardized test requires all takers to answer the same questions, and they are graded in a consistent manner to compare the knowledge of all students and see the efficiency of schools and staff. Recently, standardized tests have become a subject of controversy due to the effects that test scores have in schools. Some critics say that these types of tests are not accurate and that do not really show a student abilities, some of the questions are not fair for students of different backgrounds. Many say that standardized tests are the best way to know if students are learning what they are supposed to be learning ,and if they have achieved the required learnings standards to pass their classes and grade level.…show more content…
Then they can identify students that are struggling with the class. “Critics contend that tests can contain culturally biased content that may be unfamiliar to minorities and recent immigrants. Moreover, for students with learning disabilities or who process information differently”(Beaupré). They say that the tests are not fair for students with learning disabilities and recent immigrants ,that do not have much understanding of the culture, because some questions are culturally based, so therefore students do not understand the questions and they do not get them right which affects their performance. Also also schools are cutting off material that is not in the test, forcing teachers to ignore content that is not in the test. Students are being test on material they have not learned
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