Arguments Against Stem Cell Research

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STEM CELL RESEARCH is a very controversial topic in today’s time. Not only has it sparked a hundreds of debates it also has been the center of much criticism for its use of human cells. For those of you who don’t know stem cells are unspecialized cells found in living things and are able to grow and rebuild themselves as long as the host is alive. Stem cell research is not worth supporting. Advocates of stem cell research believe that the cells are not equivalent to human life because it is inside the womb even facing the fact that the start of a human life is in the moment of conception. While many people say the use of the cell research is a way to advance medical knowledge and expand treatments, there is no guarantee that the treatments will work. There is limited ability of the adult stem cells to grow in culture for long time and they cannot distinguish from others(Joseph). What this means is that the stem cells do not last long and can not be distinguished from other cells. What 's the point of having them if they don’t last long enough to be of use?
The human life starts at the moment of conception. This means that anything that happens to the embryo from that point onward is the harming of a human being. In fact to get a embryonic stem cell a human embryo has to be disassembled. It is taken apart and given no chance to become a human being.
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The destruction and use of a human embryo should not be allow to happen. Even if it isn 't fully formed from the moment is it concepted it is a human life and should be treated as such. The diseases and treatments that could come from giving up a human life are not worth it. It is giving up a life for a life. That life may not even be worth it because it takes multiple tries before the stem cells are even suitable for use in medical treatments. Look at how far we have come from the beginning of medical sciences, eventually we will make a reasonable alternative to dismembering human
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