Arguments Against Sustainable Fishing

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If the government and other non-government organizations are to be followed, everyone should be responsible in their food choices. Responsibility comes in different types and forms, and one way to show commitment is by supporting sustainable fishing, and choose only sustainable food for the table. According to National Geographic, sustainable fishing ensures that the future generations will still have freshwater and ocean wildlife to enjoy when the time comes. The idea behind sustainable fishing is that the future generation can fish all they want, without having to compromise the ability of the future generations to fish and enjoy the water’s bounty. Unfortunately, this is now a problem in different parts of the world including Canada. So …show more content…

Using different types of rods and reels, and fishing in different areas of the region means that an individual can get pelagic fishes and other fresh water species. This approach to recreational fishing also ensures that there will be less by-catch or fishes that are unintentionally caught since smaller fishes can be released immediately to the seas. Also recreational fishing when done using a small boat or a dependable kayak will have less impact on the ecosystem compared to commercial fishing using ships and motorized boats. Also, recreational fishing is often better since only one fish is caught at a time, thus preventing over-fishing which is considered the major enemy of sustainable …show more content…

But it’s never too late to start paying attention to what you put on the table and what you eat. By patronizing the certified seafood, you can do your share in promoting sustainable fishing. And it doesn’t hurt if your idea of fishing is through the traditional way- using rod and reel while in your

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