Arguments Against Syrian Immigrants

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Foreign policy has been a divisive topic in the United States, especially since the devastating terrorist attack in Paris. The fallout of this tragedy has been used to support the denial of Syrian refugee immigration into this country. Despite the horrifying events that have happened in France, I disagree with this stance. Syrian refugees should be allowed to seek shelter in the United States. Their presence would be a great boon to this country, despite popular notions to the contrary. The main argument against refugee immigration is that it would strain our already suffering economy. However, there is proof that immigration would actually benefit the United States. Immigrants, according to the Small Business Administration, are 30% more likely than native citizens to start a small business, and total, 18% of small-business owners in the U.S are immigrants. Immigrant-owned small businesses also create jobs, 4.7 million in 2007 to be exact, according to the Fiscal Policy Institute. Not only this, but according to recent estimates, these businesses made over $776 billion each year. In addition to this, 7.5% of immigrants are self-employed versus 6.5% of native citizens, according to the U.S Department of Labor. Plus, immigrants have started 25% of…show more content…
Many Americans are afraid for their safety, especially after the Paris attacks. However, to fear refugees because of these events is unjustified. According to the White House, of the 2,174 Syrian refugees admitted into the United States since 9/11, none have been arrested or deported on grounds of terrorism. Addressing the Paris attacks specifically, of the identified perpetrators, all were members of the European Union, which does not include Syria. It is abundantly clear that if we were to let more refugees seek shelter in the United States, they would be arriving
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