Arguments Against The Confederate Flag

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Throughout the course of time there have always been people for and against America. Especially in current times when the controversy over the “rebel” flag is taking place. Some believe that the Confederate flag signifies American history and others believe it symbolizes rednecks raising hell. What does this say about America? A country where people fight and argue about an ancient flag? Are we as unified as we thought? There is a famous pamphleteer, Thomas Paine, who wrote a book about our country and says that America is a cordial and just country where everyone lives in concord. Do we believe that this is true for this country? Paine would be wrong in saying that America lives in concord for the reason that their government continues to…show more content…
This famous pledge was written in August of 1892 and has been in this nation ever since. American citizens recite this every morning in schools, some in workplaces, and on holidays. This nation is called to live by this pledge. It is supposed to bring its people together. Every day in America citizens abide by the rules and regulations of a government that in return censors them from what is happening in their own country. By censoring them they deny their ability to freely express themselves as people and create huge controversy in the communities of many citizens. One example is comedian George Carlin who was forced to censor the content in his acts because people believed that it was too profane for his fans and other people in the audience. This, of course, created huge controversy due to the fact that forcing people to censor their words is a violation of their first amendment right to free speech. This was such a big deal because the people of America fought for years for that right. Another example is the riots and killings taking place in Ferguson, Missouri. The most current case is that of Michael Brown, an 18 year old black man who was shot to death by white police officer, Darren Wilson. After much investigation it was concluded that the Wilson would not be indicted.…show more content…
Yes, America does have some good qualities, but also the American people can not overlook the fact that babies are being killed and that the government is violating the citizens first amendment right. In America children are exposed to free education, technology, and most human rights. So although these things are happening we also need to remember all of the privileges the American people have free of cost just by being born here. Despite the daily occurrences and horrors we are exposed to we have to remember that we are lucky to be here and that matters could always be worse. I do believe that when Paine wrote his book that it was a different world and situation he was exposed to and the things we face today weren’t as prevalent in his lifetime. So, although some people may believe that what Paine says is true and that America lives concord we know these things to be
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